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LUUMS are delighted to announce our chosen charities for the year 2023/24! 

Having supported this worthwhile charity for many years, we see no reason to stop now! Future Talent strives to ensure that musicians from low-income backgrounds in the UK can flourish and have access to the greatest opportunities possible in the world of music. With a variety of programmes and financial support schemes for young musicians, Future Talent is investing in a new generation of talented artists and we want to help this bright future become a reality.

We hope to not only support Future Talent, but create a collaborative partnership which will include the likes of joint fundraising events and mentoring young Future Talent musicians. 


This year, many of our ensembles have the intention to utilise a greater variety of music to create a more diverse repertoire. Our managers and conductors want to better represent the expansive array of music that can be experienced when we look beyond the more immediately accessible and well-known pieces. With this in mind, we wanted to select a charity that strives for diversity in the music industry: Black Lives in Music. This charity tackles the inequality of opportunity for Black, Asian, and ethnically diverse musicians in the UK music industry; they help members of these groups at a grassroots level to encourage their pursuit of music and success in the industry.


Our local charity this year is Yorkshire Youth and Music. This charity has a momentous impact on the Yorkshire community in so many different ways; from providing tailored music lessons to those with hearing difficulties to supporting young people in youth justice settings in matters of rehabilitation through music. This charity is utilising music to improve lives in so many walks of life and we could not be happier to support its ongoing efforts.

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