LUUMS Chamber Orchestra is an auditioned ensemble that uses its smaller size to its advantage to produce a precisely balanced and impressive sound. We’re around 30 strong, although sometimes expand for larger pieces. Last year’s pieces included Beethoven’s 8th Symphony, Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony and the Doppler Flute Concerto.
Despite our smaller size, we want to create a strong community of players who want to challenge themselves and get involved with LUUMS. People who are interested in not just playing the rep, but getting stuck in with socials and making friends. We’ve got a lot of socials lined up over the year (including a fair few post-rehearsal trips to Old Bar), so please do try and come along! Regardless of the temperamental situation, we will do our best to make music to the high standard we have always maintained.
We also do a short tour each year within the UK, in the past we have been to Edinburgh and Cardiff which gives another wonderful opportunity to socialise as a group and explore different places.
We perform three concerts a year in Leeds with varying repertoire over the year, usually before Christmas, Easter and Summer respectively. There is also a concerto opportunity for those who want it. In past years we have sometimes split up into smaller chamber ensembles, such as a string orchestra and a 10-part wind ensemble meaning that some weeks you may not be needed, but we’ll want you back the following week!

Auditions for Chamber Orchestra 2020/2021 will be confirmed in due course. Thank you to everyone who auditioned, and congratulations to this year's orchestra!

Wednesdays 5pm – 7pm

Rehearsal Hall, School of Music



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Sophia Kannathasan


Sophia is a second year BA Music student from London. She has been playing the violin since she was 7 and the piano since she was 5. She loved being involved in Symph and Chamber orchestra in her first year and has performed in various shows around Leeds and has performed in world renowned locations such as the Royal Albert Hall, the Barbican and the Royal Festival hall. Recently she joined the Leeds Symphony Orchestra. She has also recently been accepted to the Chineke ! Junior orchestra- an orchestra primarily for BAME musicians. Sophia is very really looking forward to tackling some challenging repertoire with chamber orchestra this year. She also looks forward to organizing some socials so the new orchestra can all get to know each other !

To find out when our next concert is, click here:

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Genevieve Chiu


Genevieve is a second year BA Music student from Hong Kong. She started playing the French Horn at age 7, and has since been involved in various orchestras and bands. Genevieve is also a singer and has been part of LUUMS Chamber Choir since first year. Since coming to the UK, she has had experience conducting choirs and bands, and is very excited to explore new repertoire with Chamber Orchestra!