Leeds University Union Music Society, more commonly referred to as LUUMS, is one of the largest societies in the Leeds University Union. We have a history spanning back over 80 years, and something to offer you regardless of your subject of study, musical ability or taste.

There are ten ensembles for you to be involved with, both open ensembles and auditioned ones, for any instrument or ability. LUUMS is committed to giving the musicians in Leeds a chance to show their talent by ensuring that each ensemble performs a minimum of 3 concerts a year. As well as individual concerts for each ensemble in venues such as the Clothworkers Centenary Concert Hall and the Leeds University Great Hall, we also host two showcase concerts for both the auditioned and open ensembles. These are held in some of Leeds' best concert venues and are a fantastic opportunity for all involved.

We also have regular Friday Feature events, held in the School of Music foyer, which are an exciting platform that gives anyone the opportunity to perform in a relaxed, welcoming environment.

Alongside the diverse array of musical opportunities that we offer, LUUMS also has an exciting social calendar. Rehearsals are typically followed by a trip to Old Bar, and the year is packed full of socials for everyone to get involved in. These include large socials in the union with live music and DJs, Otley Runs, Sports Day with the University Big Band and, the highlight of the social calendar, the LUUMS Ball.

We have a very enthusiastic committee who are all raring to give LUUMS their all this year. They’ve all loved being part of LUUMS so are committed to making sure you get the most out of your time as a LUUMS member! If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us or come see us during Freshers Week!

You can find our constitution here and 2019/20 risk assessment here.


CONGRATULATIONS if you have just received your A-Level results and are heading to Leeds this September! 

We are Leeds University Union's Music Society and have 10 different ensembles varying from our Symphony Orchestra to Composers Collective.

Have a look at our Freshers leaflet to find out a bit more about us and our ensembles!

Please feel free to send us an email or message for any more info. 

We look forward to meeting you all, hopefully sometime in the near future!!


Currently, we have three types of membership: Full, Part & Departmental membership. 

Full Membership (£20): Is valid for the whole year and gives you access to all ensembles (some subject to audition),  LUUMS social events, free tickets to all LUUMS concerts, workshops and talks, performance opportunities in Friday Feature, Chamber Showcase Concert and Concerto Competition, ability to vote in all AGM/EGMs, ability to run for exec/wider exec and the ability to propose or second any candidates for the executive committee. 

This membership is aimed at all students attending higher education in Leeds for the full academic year including international students. 

Part Membership (£10): Is valid for one semester (depending on which you purchase it for) and gives you access to all that you have with full membership, but for just one semester. 

This membership is aimed at students attending higher education in Leeds for half of the academic year, including international students studying abroad for a semester. 

Departmental Membership (£5): Is valid for the whole year and gives you access to all that you have with full membership, except the ability to join an ensemble. 

This membership is aimed at solo musicians and composers who want to engage with the social and departmental aspects of LUUMS. For members wanting to join Composers Collective (and no other LUUMS ensemble), please purchase this membership. 

Society Video

Video by Claire Tuton
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Credit: LUUMS are extremely grateful to Claire Tuton, who created this official society video during her photography studies and premiered it during Summer 2019. We are very happy that Claire continues to share her time with us, being manager of Sinfonia for our 2019/20 season! 

Check out more of Claires work here:

Video filmed and edited by Claire Turon

Facebook : Claire Tuton Photography and art

Instagram:   @clairetutonart 

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