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Elizabeth Dixon 

Elizabeth is currently in her final year on the BA Music course. For the past year she has been on a concerts placement with Manchester Camerata however is very excited to be back in Leeds. In her second year, she was Concerts Manager for LUUMS and loved being on exec so wanted to apply for president this year! Throughout her time at university, Elizabeth has played in Symphony Orchestra, SWO, Chamber Orchestra and Brass Band as well as being involved in the pit bands for musicals. She can often be found in the School of Music or in Old Bar after rehearsals. She cannot wait to meet everyone and to be back playing with the LUUMS ensembles!



Annis Archer (she/her) 

Annis is currently a second year BA/Marts Music and Music Psychology student from Edinburgh. She started playing both the piano and cello around the age of 7 and continued her musical studies at The City of Edinburgh Music School. Outside of school, Annis was involved in The Edinburgh Youth Orchestra, which toured throughout Scotland. She was also part of the National Youth Choir of Scotland for 10 years and was lucky enough to perform for the BBC on both television and radio. At the end of school, Annis taught children music at Edinburgh Young Musicians and also began to teach private piano lessons. She continued teaching these on her gap year in South Africa too. She has really enjoyed her time in LUUMS over the past 2 years, but especially this year having everything in person! This year, Annis has been a Manager of LUUMS Symphonic Choir as well as playing in the Symphony Orchestra. She is looking forward to continuing to grow the community of LUUMS as Secretary and can’t wait to get started!


Concerts Manager

Alice Waters (she/her)

Alice is a fourth year music and management student who recently graduated from leeds with a BA in Music. She began playing piano at age 5 and at a Spanish karaoke bar at age 8 started her singing journey. For the first two years of her undergrad Alice was a member and then manager of Chorus, only stopping last year when she was diagnosed with a vocal condition and having to take a break from singing :( Alice is excited to takeover the concerts manager role and get everything organised for the year ahead!

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Publicity Officer

Romy Leach (she/her)

Romy is a final year Music and Music Psychology student studying at Leeds University. Romy, although musically inclined, failed her attempts at learning piano and violin and at the age of 12 realised that the oboe was her true calling due to the fact that playing a "rare" instrument meant she would always get a solo (even if it was just tuning the orchestra...). Throughout her university career, Romy has thoroughly enjoyed playing in Symphony Orchestra and SWO and singing in Chorus, and loves being part of the pit orchestra in the University's musicals. She will often be found (or heard) in Old Bar drinking one pint too many at the after show socials. Romy has taken up the role of publicity offer to represent LUUMS through her creative flair and is so excited to complete her third year on the executive committee!


Fundraising & Sponsorship

Jennie Bodger (she/her)

Jennie is a first year BA Music student who plays piano and clarinet (as well as the occasional bit of ukulele). She is a member of concert band, as well as being involved in 2 musicals this year in both pit band and on a production team. She has a passion for music in the community and volunteering, so is looking forward to working as Sponsorship and Fundraising Officer. Jennie is keen to get involved with LUUMS even more next year and is so excited to start working on committee!


Departmental Officer

Gethin Elis (he/him)

Gethin is a recent music graduate originally from Bangor, North Wales. He attempts to play a few instruments, playing in LUUMS ensembles and musical pit bands but with no real talent… He is excited to offer a load of new opportunities for LUUMS members over the coming year after enjoying the socials and events in the past. If anyone has any questions or suggestions for departmental events, Gethin is more than happy for anyone to get in touch. Alternatively, find him wherever Bibi is.



Bibi Thomas Gándara (she/her)

Bibi is currently in her final year at Leeds on the BSc Mathematics and Music course, with a love of playing the piano and world music. Originally from Royal Tunbridge Wells, her musical journey began when she was 5 when she started having piano lessons, but it wasn’t until she was 16 when she really decided to take it seriously! During her time at Leeds University, Bibi was a very keen member of Symphonic Wind Orchestra and Chorus. In her second year, Bibi was the secretary for the society and loved getting involved in everything LUUMS, so decided to be president the following year! Since being president was so great, she decided to give being treasurer a shot! You will usually find Bibi in the music foyer, practice room or Eddy B. When Bibi isn’t doing music, she will most likely be dancing some salsa, eating 45p bourbons from Tesco’s or trying to find the cheapest oat milk.


Social Secretary

Cess Graham

Cecily is a 2nd year music student, on the BA music course, from Tunbridge Wells. Cess has played both piano and cello over the years, but is now predominantly a singer. She cannot wait to host a range of regular events for everyone to get involved in and is looking forward to making the next year enjoyable for every member of LUUMS. She has loved the social side of LUUMS throughout her first year and wants to make it even more exciting, as social secretary, in her second year! If anyone has any questions, queries or suggestions, please feel free to get in contact with her through the email displayed above, or through any form of social media. Alternatively, find her in old bar!

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