Bibi Thomas


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Concerts Manager

Ching Kwok




Beth Salisbury


Lydia Hutton 2

Publicity Officer

Lydia Hutton 


Lydia is currently a third year BA/MA Music and Music psych student from lovely ole Liverpool. Coming from a musical family, Lydia was destined to play an instrument and chose the cello at age 7 as she quite frankly, just wanted to be different from her sister and Dad who played violin ! In both her first and second year she was a keen member of the Symphony orchestra and in second year decided to branch out and turn her hand to percussion within the Brass and Concert band. Lydia is very excited to begin her role on the LUUMS exec and help keep the society as amazing as it already is ! You can find Lydia either in the music foyer procrastinating from uni work by making some kind of social media design on her laptop, or in old bar hand in hand with a potato stack and pint !

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Dorothy Choi 




Social Secretary

Romy Leach  


Romy is a second year Music and Music Psychology student studying at Leeds University. Romy, although musically inclined, failed her attempts at learning piano and violin and at the age of 12 realised that the oboe was her true calling due to the fact that playing a "rare" instrument meant she would always get a solo (even if it was just tuning the orchestra...). Romy thoroughly enjoyed playing in Symphony Orchestra in her first year and loves being part of the pit orchestra in the University's musicals. She will often be found (or heard) in Old Bar drinking one pint too many at the after show socials. Romy has taken up the role of social secretary with the aim of finally having a reason to get as many musicians as possible on her level of inebriation. She is excited to use her role to help first years feel welcome within LUUMS through both non-alcoholic and alcoholic social events.


Fundraising & Sponsorship

Matt Boucher


James Heaton

Departmental Officer

James Heaton