LUUMS is thrilled to invite you to take part in our annual piano and chamber showcase, on the 6th December 2020, in Clothworkers Centenary Concert Hall.

We know how gifted you are when it comes to performing in large ensembles, so we wanted to provide you with an outlet to enjoy playing or singing in a smaller group. This is an excellent opportunity to forge a close musical bond with the friends in your group, improve your musicianship and even perform works that you may have considered out of your reach.


Likewise, the society is extremely lucky to have so many talented pianists, and we feel that you deserve this platform to share your passion with everyone.


If you would like to perform, we're looking for up to 10 minutes of music, for both chamber ensembles and solo piano. Please don't make your chamber groups larger than 8 - It doesn't matter if you don't have a group yet, now is your chance to start one! 


All performances will receive constructive (and friendly!) feedback from a highly-qualified School of Music professor.


What are you going to play? The world is your oyster! Please fill out your name (pianists) or the names of the performers in your group and proposed repertoire in the attached Google docs form. If you want to perform it, we want to hear it!

Sign up here!