2021/22 Freshers Rep- 

Lilian Sztankov

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My name is Lilian Sztankov and I am a first year at Leeds studying music and music psychology. I take part in chorus within LUUMs and play the violin aswell, but my main instrument is piano which I started learning when I was 5 years old and have loved playing it ever since. I am passionate about creating a welcoming environment for freshers throughout the year and be a friendly face around the School of Music!

If you have any questions or queries, please contact Lilian on!

2021/22 Postgraduate Rep- 
Bethany Clarke

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Hi, I’m Beth (or Bethany!) and I’m working towards an MA in Music and Management at Leeds. I did my four-year undergrad here, so I’m now in my fifth year. Having played the flute since I was 11, I’ve had the delight of being in LUUMS last year, playing in SWO and Chamber Orchestra, and across my first three years, I played with Sinfonia and sang in Chorus, been in the orchestra for the opera The Mikado, and been in the pits for musicals including Legally Blonde, The Addams Family, Into the Woods, and Mack the Knife! This year, I’m very excited to finally rehearse together again, and am part of Symphony Orchestra and SWO! As Postgraduate Rep, I’m hoping to bring postgrads together, ensure their ideas and interests are heard, and create some social events to help us to get to know each other! If you have any suggestions or questions, please email me at


If you have any suggestions or worries, please email me at:

Past Freshers' Reps


Charlie Terry 2018-'19

Charlie continues to be an active member of LUUMS, participating in three ensembles this year, as well as managing Chamber Choir. 

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Sam Brockett 2019-'20


Sam went on to become the Departmental Officer for LUUMS in the year 2020/21 & is enjoying her second-year studying music. 

Beth Salisbury

Beth Salisbury 2020-'21

Beth went on to become our '21/22 Secretary on LUUMS Exec and continues to be a keen member of our Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra and Symphonic Choir1