We will be electing our 2020/21 Freshers & newly formed Postgraduate Representatives in the beginning of semester one. If you would still like further information, please send an email to our secretary, Bibi at​ . 

Our 2019/20 Fresher's Rep is Sam Brockett - welcome to the team Sam!

I would like to represent LUUMS as a Freshers Rep because I’d like to be a part of making positive change in the society so more people can get involved and have fun in music. I am a good listener and I feel that I would be approachable to people who want to share any feedback or ask questions about the ensembles. It is important for members to feel like they can have a say in what goes on in the society and I would like to be able to show that their opinions will make an impact and need to be heard. I am quite a confident person so would be happy to speak in front of my peers to keep them up to date with what’s going on and raise awareness of any upcoming events that have been organised. I also want to make sure all the freshers have a really enjoyable first year and I would want to be able to offer advice outside of music while also encouraging everyone to come to socials to make new friends and create a strong music community with a variety of personalities and characters, which I feel is unique from other subjects and needs to be sustained throughout the years. I would love for everyone to have a really fun time in LUUMS while also challenging themselves and it would be really rewarding to be a part of the team that can provide that. 

Sam Brockett 

Past Freshers' Reps

Henry Weekes 2016-'17

Henry went on to become the President of the society in 2017, and continued to play in the Symphonic Wind Orchestra until graduating in 2019. 

James Heaton 2017-'18

James went on to conduct Sinfonia Orchestra in 2018 and participate in four LUUMS ensembles, before studying abroad this year at the University of North Texas. 

Charlie Terry 2018-'19

Charlie continues to be an active member of LUUMS, participating in three ensembles this year, as well as managing Chamber Choir. 

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