Dear past and future members of LUUMS,

A week ago we told you we would give you an update about the current situation. As it stands, there is still no definitive solution. The odds are not looking in our favour, as we have received an email from LUU saying that no performances or rehearsals could take place (including auditions and small groups of 6 musicians). We are working very closely alongside the School of Music who completely support us and are going to raise our case to the union, demonstrating the safety measures in place in the School of Music that would allow us to rehearse safely. This could take a few weeks to get any productive response from the union though, so we are going to carry on planning as if this decision won’t change, to be on the safe side.

Auditions will be happening , (but they will not be in person). For more infomation on how to audition click here.

We really hope you all understand that we can only do what is within the restrictions that the government, and therefore the LUU have given us. We ensure you that we are trying our best to test these restrictions and are fighting for our case, and the right to make music.

We completely understand the importance and significance that LUUMS has for all of you and us, but ultimately the final decision is out of our hands.

If things don’t go the way we hope, please don’t despair – we have ideas in the works and we are not going anywhere!

We hope to see you all soon and continue our love for MUSIC MAKING!


Your Exec team x