Leeds University Union Music Impact in the Community Society (LUUMIC) aim to

get involved in the wider community through a shared love of music. They collaborate

with a wide range of organisations - schools, care homes, libraries and other workshop

spaces - in order to spark creativity and help cognitive development. Volunteers can

develop workshops themselves in collaboration with society leaders and other

members before taking their ideas to the community.

Some of our recent projects and collaborations are outlined below - we would love

for you to get in touch if you would like to get involved.

Community Choir Project


In collaboration with Caring Together, LUUMIC have been running a Community

Choir for members of the Woodhouse community. The project runs every Tuesday

from 3-4pm at Woodhouse community centre, and will end with a showcase on 1st

December. All members are welcome and meet at Leeds University Union at 2:30pm on Tuesdays.


Meeting Point


Meeting Point are a charity based in Armley who work with Refugees and Asylum Seekers. LUUMIC will hold a singing and percussion workshop on 7th February for a women’s group to engage members and promote social integration and communication through music within the local community.


MESMAC – ReachOUT Leeds


ReachOUT is a charity which supplies support and advocacy for LGBT refugees and asylum seekers. They aim to help members develop a sense of community and boost their confidence by teaching new skills through a range of activities. LUUMIC will contribute to this by running singing and boomwhacker workshops starting on the 20th November and running fortnightly thereafter.




MENCAP are a charity that work with people with learning difficulties. LUUMIC will be running a music workshop with a group of young adults who attend the centre on the 9th November. In addition, there will be a second project on 17th November for the sibling group members of MENCAP. This aims to encourage and support interpersonal relationships between family members. The project will involve singing and percussion. There is also the opportunity for a mini performance by LUUMIC volunteers.

Link Club, Guisley


Link Club supports a group of 20 - 25 year olds with mixed learning and behavioural difficulties. Commencing on the evening of 19th February, LUUMIC will visit Link Club between 7:30 – 8:30pm with our volunteers to hold workshops and provide extra musical support for its members. Link Club has been formed by the charity, People in Action, and we are hoping to work with more of their groups including WASP and Beehive in Semester 2.

Hospices of Hope, Romania


An exciting interaction with Indigo Volunteers has sparked the possibility to visit Romania in summer 2018 with an organisation called Hospices of Hope. This charity support children with life limiting illnesses and their families. LUUMIC will be offered the opportunity to work at a summer camp for the possibility of 1 to 2 weeks conducting music workshops with the children.


Students into Schools


The Students into Schools scheme is organised by the University of Leeds and gives students the opportunity to develop valuable skills and experience in local schools by supporting young people in a variety of different projects. For LUUMIC, this will involve leading musical workshops and classes in either primary, secondary or special educational needs schools (SEN). This will involve after school projects that can be done on a one-off or regular basis. Please note that the participation in regular projects will require a DBS check (this can be provided by LUUMIC).






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