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With the help of MME (Multi-Media & Electronics) society, this year we have created a CD with recordings of all 10 of our ensembles. The process took just over two weeks, recording over 300 musicians and around 100 minutes of music. We're delighted to have this memoir of our time in LUUMS during 2019/20, which hopefully will be enjoyed for years to come! 

Due to the current situation surrounding Covid-19 among other factors, we have decided to make this album available on Soundcloud. We hope that this means both past and present LUUMS members will have access to this regardless of if they are in Leeds or not!

LUUMS requires quite a bit of funding to showcase the talent and dedication of our young people. So we are asking, in return for enjoying the amazing music recordings on SoundCloud, that you donate a small amount, if you can, to help us continue next year with 22 hours of rehearsals a week and 16 concerts a year. The money raised will help us introduce new measures in accordance with government guidance to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, such as screens for woodwind and brass players, which will enable us to get back to the rehearsals we love sooner.


2019_20 ensembles.png

Click on the album cover above to have a listen! 

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